Engineering Structures

Engineering Structures

Thefirst part of the paper focuses on briefly presenting the background referring to the necessity of re-habilitating the heritage church buildings and to the general principles and strategies that dominate the re-habilitation processes and techniques. Also, some of the most important buildings that underwent through a baseisolation process are exemplified, from ancient to present times, both world wide and in Romania. The secondpart of the paper presents a case study referring to thefirst historic heritage church building that was baseisolated in Romania, St.

Nicolae Aroneanu

Orthodox Church, located in Iasi County. Being erected in 1594, thechurch follows the traditional orthodox architectural patterns of those times, from both esthetical and structuralpoints of view. The rehabilitation necessity was imperative, since the church was severely damaged by numerousstrong seismic actions during the last 400 years. After extensive and wide-ranging investigations and evaluations,the base isolation method was selected as the appropriate rehabilitation solution. The system consists in in-stalling 48 friction pendulum sliding (FPS) isolators, between two horizontal reinforced concrete carrying ele-ments that were casted at the infrastructure level, followed by decoupling the superstructure of the church fromthe existing foundation system and transferring it to the seismic isolators. Since it has never been previouslyapplied to Romanian heritage church buildings, the execution process was divided into several technologicalstages, each of them being extensively discussed, by highlighting the advantages and drawbacks that arose.

Themain advantages

Themain advantages that derived from applying the base isolation rehabilitation strategy refer to a considerablyimproved response of the structure to the high intensity seismic actions that are specific to the north-eastern partof Romania and to a significant reduction of the drift displacements and of the shear forces in the structuralmasonry walls. Nevertheless, by far the most important advantage consists in the fact that all necessary re-habilitation works are performed at the infrastructure level, without generating risks of damaging the heritagearchitectural and artistic components of the church.


Engineering Structures

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