Performance of Seismic Isolation Hardware under Service and Seismic Loading

Performance of Seismic Isolation

The Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) is anational center of excellence in advanced technology applications that is dedicated to thereduction of earthquake losses nationwide. Headquartered at the University at Buffalo,State University of New York, the Center was originally established by the NationalScience Foundation in 1986, as the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research(NCEER).

Comprising a consortium of researchers

from numerous disciplines and institutionsthroughout the United States, the Center’s mission is to reduce earthquake lossesthrough research and the application of advanced technologies that improve engineer-ing, pre-earthquake planning and post-earthquake recovery strategies. Toward this end,the Center coordinates a nationwide program of multidisciplinary team research,education and outreach activities.MCEER’s research is conducted under the sponsorship of two major federal agencies, theNational Science Foundation (NSF) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA),and the State of New York.

Significant support

Significant support is also derived from the FederalEmergency Management Agency (FEMA), other state governments, academic institu-tions, foreign governments and private industry.The Center’s Highway Project develops improved seismic design, evaluation, andretrofit methodologies and strategies for new and existing bridges and other highwaystructures, and for assessing the seismic performance of highway systems. The FHWAhas sponsored three major contracts with MCEER under the Highway Project, two ofwhich were initiated in 1992 and the third in 1998.Of the two 1992 studies, one performed a series of tasks intended to improve seismicdesign practices for new highway bridges, tunnels, and retaining structures (MCEERProject 112). The other study focused on methodologies and approaches for assessingand improving the seismic performance of existing “typical” highway bridges and otherhighway system components including tunnels, retaining structures, slopes, culverts,and pavements (MCEER Project 106).

These studies were conducted to:

• assess the seismic vulnerability of highway systems, structures, and components;• develop concepts for retrofitting vulnerable highway structures and components;• develop improved design and analysis methodologies for bridges, tunnels, andretaining structures, which include consideration of soil-structure interaction mecha-nisms and their influence on structural response; and• develop, update, and recommend improved seismic design and performance criteriafor new highway systems and structures.


Performance of Seismic Isolation

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